Men’s skin behaves differently to women’s… Shaving, fatigue and sport all make their own demands .We have specifically designed these treatments with Men in mind .

Revitalising massage 

Using essential oils and  a therapeutic sweedish massage to relax,de-stress and unwind .

Duration: 30 Minutes
Price: £32.00

Duration: 45 Minutes
Price: £38.00

Duration: 60 Minutes
Price: £45.00

Duration: 90 Minutes
Price: £65.00

ESPA Purifying facial

Deep cleansing and relaxing ,this facial is suitable for all skin types

Duration: 55 Minutes

Price: £41.00


For hands you are proud to present.

Duration: 25 Minutes

Price: £25.00


A serious pedicure for men’s sometimes neglected feet.

Duration: 40 Minutes

Price: £30.00


Male waxing is extremely popular in this modern world, Have confidence that no matter where the waxing, you will be in safe hands. Fully qualified and advanced trained by the U.K’s top waxing specialist, Andy Rouillard at Axiom Wax Academy.

Hair today, gone tomorrow!
From brushy brows to furry toes and everywhere in-between.

Chest                    Price: £22.00

Back                     Price: £30.00

Shoulders            Price: £20.00

Eyebrows            Price: £10.50

Nose or Ears       Price: £10.50


Intimate waxing –

MWS1 . Speedo Line           Price from £20

MWB1. Butt Cheeks            Price from £20

MWS2. Scrotum&Shaft      Price from £30

MBZ1. Brazillian                  Price from £50
(Speedo line, Scrotum, shaft, butt cheeks & Crack)

MBSC1. Full monty             Price from £65
(“Back, Sac, crack”, butt cheeks, shaft & Speedo line)

Personalised packages available – ask for more info.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
Please note, bookings by text or email will NOT be accepted.
Use codes when calling if needed.