Our favourites 4

06 Sep Our favourites 4

Pippa’s favourite product

What? So my favourite product of the month is bareMinerals Original Doundation.
Why? I love it because it feels so light on the skin, it works with every skin type, whether my skin feels dry or oily. If your more oily it goes more dewy which is nice and last so well.
Benefits – It’s all natural ingredients. And it doesn’t make your skin feel clogged at all.
Who for? – A massive range of colours, something for everyone and I always love to mix them if I’ve got slightly darker in the summer. I would recommend to anyone. Because not only lovely with pretty any skin type but also because you can brush it on very lightly making a light coverage or also buff into the skin with a dencer brush and make a full coverage.
Price – £28

Pop in for a colour match, make up lesson or make over!

See you soon, Pip x


Sarah’s favourite products of the month

What? – Environ AVST moisturiser and Advanced Nutrition Programme ‘Skin Vit A’
Why? – This daily moisturiser completely cleared up my post pregnancy hormonal breakouts. Its the first step of the 5 step programme. Mixed with the Super moisturiser plus, it adds that boost of hydration my skin needs.
Benefits – It helps to normalise and improve the effects of the skins natural moisture levels and normalises the skin discoulouration resulting in a more even -looking skin tone. BONUS its incredible for minimising the signs of ageing and sun damage / pigmentation.
Who for? – EVRYONE! Anyone who moisturises their skin, and for those who don’t. Start today!
Price – From £41

Heres to looking younger for longer. Sarah

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