Our favourites 1

09 Jun Our favourites 1

Us girls at Seabrease have decided to write a blog about our favourite products or treatments. This month is starting with Julie and Erin.


Julie’s favourite product of the month
Product – Environ Cosmetic roll – cit
Why? – I love this instrument as it enables my Environ Vitamin A Moisturiser to work more efficiently. I’ve been using it for the last 3 weeks intensely every evening and I can see a remarkable difference in my skin!
Whose it for? – Anyone who is on Environ AVST 3 and upwards.
Benefits – Enhance the effectiveness of the topical Vitamin A products, Restores skin tightness, Speeds up the reduction of uneven skin tone and texture. Also reduces the appearance of fine lines and scars.
When to use – Ideally every evening before your topical creams
Cost –  We have the stainless steel roller 0.1mm, I’m using the gold plated 0.2mm roller, And then there the focus CIT  for those smaller areas like upper lip and around the eyes. They start from £30.

For more information or to purchase a cosmetic roll call the salon.
Here’s to beautiful radiant skin Julie xx



Erin’s favourite product of the month
Product – 
bareMinerals Gen Nude lip collection – Matte, colour ‘swag’ in particular.
Why? – I love this new lip collection because you can create so many different looks dependant on your mood. You can choose from a Matte liquid lip colour (my ultimate fave), Butter cream lip gloss, radiant lip stick also the ‘Under over’ lip liners. When it comes to nude lip colours, think beyond one-size fits all.
Who’s it for? – For everyone! There is no reason not to wear a lip colour – from night to day. I think in total there are around 30 different shades, this means there is defiantly one to suit every skin and lip tone.
About – Formulated with natural oils and butters to moisturise, smooth and condition your lips. These have a gorgeous subtle vanilla scent/ flavour. It formula glides on like butter and provides a medium build able coverage with a rich and creamy texture. You can also blend the lip liners, and layer different colours or finishes for infinite ways to go nude! Bonus – not tested on animals and is gluten free – didn’t know lipsticks couldn’t not be gluten free! who knew!?
Cost – Lip liners £14       Liquid Matte £17     Buttercream gloss £17      Radiant lipstick £18

For more information, colour matching and to purchase any of the bareMinerals products pop into Exmouth or Sidmouth.
Now theres no excuse for a million ways to go nude! 😉 Erin xx

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